Federal Posters

Federal Posters

Posters for employee information are required by the government to be in all workplaces. They must be posted in a area common to all employees or if necessary in mutiple places so that all employees have access to read them. You can download and print the posters from these government sites for free.

There are many places that sell All-in-one-Posters for worksites. You don’t have to purchase these posters, but they are available if you choose to. Very often only one or two items will change for the next year and you will not need the complete new set. That is when these sites can be of use to you if you purchase the All-in-one-posters from one of the many vendors that offer them.

Google list of available All-in-one-Posters to purchase

State required posters are available on your state Department of Labor websites. Click on the “States” link below and then click on the “State DOL Wage and Hour Departments” on the upper right side of the page. If you don’t see the link for the posters enter “required State posters” in the search bar.


elaws Poster Advisor is an industry specific tool to assist you with downloading the appropriate posters required for your business. This is a free service from the US Department of Labor.



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